BUSTED! North Carolina sleazebag police officer arrested for planting drugs on his ex’s new boyfriend

All I have to ask this deputy is, are you mad whoreeeeeee!!!! (In my voice)LOL!

An Anson County, North Carolina deputy has been busted after he let jealousy take his badge and possibly getting his ex back.

Deputy David Scott Burroughs is accused of planting heroin and meth in a car belonging to his ex-girlfriend’s new boyfriend after telling colleagues to investigate an anonymous tip-off, according to the DailyMail.

David Scott Burroughs

Sheriff Landric Reid said Burroughs was fired and arrested after they became suspicious of his story.

It was a ‘red flag’ that heroin and meth were found in the car in the exact same place four days after the tip, authorities said.

Sheriff Reid told local reporters that the motive behind this crime was revenge.

This was a revenge case where he planted drugs in this male’s car. This male was dating his ex, and he wanted revenge and he wanted his ex-girlfriend back.

Burroughs is said to have purchased the drugs in March of 2018 and then planting them in the vehicle.

He is then said to have told other police officers about tips from members of the public that said the new boyfriend was dealing out his car.

Sheriff Reid said this started Sunday afternoon and by Wednesday, when they made the stop, drugs were at the same place in the car.

That was a red flag because anyone selling drugs wouldn’t have them Sunday to Wednesday in the same place, Sheriff Reid said.

I think Burroughs should be charged for buying the drugs as well.

Anyways, good job to Sheriff Reid and his officer’s for a job well done!


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Written by Gerald Jackson

Hello, my name is Gerald Jackson and I am 23-years-old and a native of Troy, Alabama. I live in North Carolina currently but I travel all over the world to fight for Justice. I am a Minister of the Gospel, Activist, Blogger, Son, Brother, Uncle and Child of God. I am the proud owner of TheNCBeat.com. I am a product of what God can do and who he can use despite everything I've been through. I am no longer a victim of my past but a conqueror. My voice is a powerhouse and I intend to cry loud and spare not for those who need a voice. I am the VOICE for the VOICELESS.

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