Sun. Sep 15th, 2019

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BUSTED! Ardrey Kell High School in Charlotte suspends basketball player for calling other black players N****

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A racist Ardrey Kell High School basketball player in Charlotte has been suspended for calling the West Charlotte basketball team niggers on Snapchat.

The North Carolina Beat has identified the clown as Luke Stankavage. He is supposedly the best basketball player at Ardrey High School, but his racist home training went viral Monday on Snapchat.

This all came about after Stankavage and his team was set to play West Charlotte tonight at 7 pm.

West Charlotte High School basketball team fought hard all season to win home court advantage in the playoffs, but the state has moved the game to a different school.

Although the state claim’s that West Charlotte gymnasium is “too small”, local citizens say the move was because the school was predominately black.

Damn, I kind of wished West Charlotte wouldn’t have suspended Stankavage so that he could see that he ain’t all so good of a basketball player. But of course, his safety would be a concern, which is the only reason I believe they suspended him. (Not The Slur)

Stankavage thought he had friends who were also racist like he was, until the one he sent the message to, turned his ass in.

In the Snapchat message, Stankavage calls West Charlotte High School “the hood” and it’s basketball team, “Niggers.”

Bout to go fuck some more niggers in the hood on Tuesday, Stankavagesaid.

Snapchat message sent by Luke Stankavage

His mother, Elizabeth Bagley Stankavage released a statement Monday in regards to her racist son’s comment:

Sadly, we were made aware [yesterday] afternoon that our son sent a private snap that was screen shot and shared. The content was highly offensive to West Charlotte High School, our community at large and our friends, family, and his own teammates. To the many people that rightfully are hurt by his words today, we are incredibly sorry and offer our sincere apologies.

“As a family, we are devastated and so is [our son]. While we stand by our son, and love him deeply, we do recognize the wrong and hurt caused by careless words. We do not believe his words represent who he is as a person, his overall character and heart towards others. Being part of a diverse community is significant to our values as a family, but it is clear today, that there are more conversations to be had as today’s words don’t reflect the tone of our home nor true heart of our son. [Our son] is ashamed and deeply sorrowful for his word choice. He has met with his teammates, coaches, and principal and personally apologized. And for the many who [our son] will never get to speak to regarding today, he is sorry.

“There is no excuse for words like this. [Out son] is firmly aware of that and holds himself accountable for his careless action. We as a family stand by his suspension, and believe firmly that [our son], our family, and prayerfully, our entire community will grow from this.”

I don’t think the people of West Charlotte accept this sob apology, and should not release any statements of apology through the media. This young man should visit West Charlotte and apologize to the team and school in public.

The North Carolina Beat reached out to Luke’s family and was able to speak to his mother Elizabeth, who refused to deny that she and her family are racists. (LISTEN TO THE CALL BELOW)

The playoff game is set for tonight at 7 pm and will be played at  Vance High School.


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