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BUSTED! 19-month-old KICKED, DRAGGED, AND SLUNG by Tiny Tots Child Care employee in Shallotte

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19-month-old child abused by employee of Tiny Tots Child Care

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Another child has been abused by crooked daycare workers and it was all caught on camera.

A 19-month-old baby was viciously and repeatedly attacked at Tiny Tots Child Care located at 270 Union School Rd. NW, Shallotte, NC in January of this year.

Lindsay Bullock, the mother of the child, said that on January 9, 2019, it was her daughter’s first day back in the Tiny Tots Child Care toddler room since November of 2018. During nap time, her 19-month-old kept walking up to daycare worker, 22-year-old, Angelic Sibbett, with her blanket. The video, which was provided by Bullock, is from an online camera system where parents can watch their children while in the care of Tiny Tots.

In the video given to The North Carolina Beat, you will allegedly see Sibbett repeatedly humiliate and bully the 19-month-old by throwing the child’s blanket. First, Sibbett is approached by the baby with the blanket and is allegedly kicked by Sibbett. The baby was able to keep her balance after she was kicked. She then approaches Sibbett a second time and is kicked once again. The third time, the baby grabs the blanket, approaches Sibbett again, sits down and Sibbett can be seen grabbing the baby by the arm and throwing her to the ground. (Off the mat) 


What reason would an adult have for throwing a child’s blanket, their comfort item while away from their parents, across the room to begin with? If you do not want to deal with children, there are hundreds of other places that you can work besides a daycare center. If you are working at a place such as this solely for the money, you must be really out of your mind because ordinarily, the pay is minimum wage unless you’re a certified teacher.

In a second video, Sibbett gets up, grabs the child, and drags her to her mat. Halfway, there the baby falls to the ground and you can see Sibbett, not help the child up, but yank the child up and continue to drag her to the mat. Once they are close, you can see Sibbett then sling the baby on her face, walk away and grab her phone.


The owner of Tiny Tots, Shawna Williams, contacted The North Carolina Beat early Tuesday and denied that the 19-month-old was abused, despite criminal charges being filed against 22-year-old Angelic Sibbett.

22-year-old Angelic Sibbett

Sources close to the daycare center told The North Carolina Beat that Sibbett was, in fact, the woman seen on camera abusing the 19-month-old.

Sibbett was charged with Misdemeanor Child Abuse and is scheduled to appear in court on April 10.

Officials tell The North Carolina Beat that Sibbett was served with the criminal charges on January 10 at Tiny Tots Child Care Center where she works.

Law Enforcement needs to investigate Tiny Tots to ensure that there are no other children being abused by this child “care” facility. This type of thing is happening all over the country at alarming rates and hopefully, after seeing what happened to Lindsay Bullocks daughter, parents will do more in-depth checks on places, and people, they choose to entrust their children’s well being too.


***If you look at the red circled information, you will see that the address on court records is the same address as Tiny Tots Child Care, and the black circled information is the charges***

Tiny Tots Child Care released a statement Tuesday evening on their Facebook page:


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