BREAKING NEWS: Body found in Hubert may be man that was missing for two days, according to sources

This has not been %100 confirmed by authorities, but we are learning tonight that a body has been found in Hubert, North Carolina.

Sources tell The North Carolina Beat that the body recovered may be that of 63-year-old Jimmy Pannoni. 

According to a family member, Pannoni truck was found two days ago with the keys still inside and his home doors unlocked. The family says they believed Pannoni disappearance is suspicious.

Authorities are in the area of Reids Mart located at 461 Hubert Blvd., which is 465 ft from Pannoni’s home off Riggs Road.



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Written by Gerald Jackson

Hello, my name is Gerald Jackson and I am 23-years-old and a native of Troy, Alabama. I live in North Carolina currently but I travel all over the world to fight for Justice. I am a Minister of the Gospel, Activist, Blogger, Son, Brother, Uncle and Child of God. I am the proud owner of I am a product of what God can do and who he can use despite everything I've been through. I am no longer a victim of my past but a conqueror. My voice is a powerhouse and I intend to cry loud and spare not for those who need a voice. I am the VOICE for the VOICELESS.

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