Bodycam footage of #JaylandWalker murder by 8 Akron OH police to be released Sunday

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Today, the body cam footage that will show Akron, Ohio police killing 25-year-old Jayland Walker will be released this afternoon. 

Walker, a Black man, was killed this past Monday when police shot him at least 60 times as he ran from a traffic stop, according to Bobby DiCello, his family’s lawyer.

According to Akron Police, Walker ran into a parking lot and “actions by the suspect caused the officers to perceive he posed a deadly threat to them.” 

Officers fired nearly 100 rounds at Walker, with at least 60 entering his body, killing him. 

The Walker family attorney, Bobby Dicello, told local reporters that according to the footage he reviewed, Walker did not appear to have gestured toward the officers in a threatening way. He said officers fired dozens of shots at Walker while he was fleeing with nothing in his hands. 

In the video, DiCello said it shows an officer calmly telling 911 dispatchers about chasing walker at 12:30 a.m. after police attempted to stop him but the police department said in a statement that officers reported a firearm being discharged from Walker’s car while they pursued it. Those claims are being questioned by DiCello stating that the back windshield of Walker’s car was undamaged, meaning a shot was not fired directly backward. 

 I’ve got to emphasize there is no evidence that we’ve been shown, or that we’ve found, or that we know of that says that the young man somehow while driving away from the officers pointed his gun at the officers,” DiCello said.

DiCello also said that police said an Ohio Department of Transportation traffic video shows gunfire coming from Walker’s car but he and his legal team have not found that evidence yet.

In an interview with The New York Times, DiCello said that Akron’s police chief told him in a meeting that he has not found evidence of anything Walker did that would put the officers involved in the incident, “in fear” or required them to shoot Walker. DiCello also added that two officers tried to use tasers on Walker moments before the shooting began.

The body-cam video shows an officer calling out Walker’s speed of 50 miles per hour, before he slows down to 15 miles per hour and then runs “as if he were a football player running for the end zone,” according to DiCello.

DiCello said officers ran after Walker and shot him “within seconds.” 

I think the firing happens in about six seconds, DiCello said. It was an unbelievable amount of gunfire.” The video is very, very disturbing.

He said the video is unlike anything he has ever seen. 

The police department said in its statement that the officers involved have been placed on paid administrative leave in accordance with departmental procedure. It did not name them. 

The police will release the body-cam footage following a press conference that is scheduled to begin at 1:00 p.m. EDT.



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You Can't Afford To Miss A Story On The NCBEAT!

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