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BLOOP! Onslow County Sheriff alleged to have had an ongoing affair with mistress

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Top Left is Denise Ramsey, Bottom Left is DeeDee Daube, and Right is Sheriff Hans Miller

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I said I wasn’t going to tell anybody but I just couldn’t keep it to myself!¬†

Time and time again, we have seen these no good men dog their wives, and this time we take you into the office of Sheriff Hans Miller in Onslow County, North Carolina. He professes to be a Christian, but continuously fail to live up to the 7th commandment, “Thou shalt not commit adultery”.

Some of you may not be aware of who Sheriff Hans “Can’t Keep His Pants Up” Miller is… he’s the type of man that will cover up a deputy raping two girls, one being a 12-year-old, he refused to charge three white men for killing a black man (Tre’ McFadden case), he refused to discipline his deputies for harassing a homeless black man walking down the street because the man was “known for breaking the law”, (Chance McClain), launching frivolous investigations against me, charges were dismissed by the court, and now has allegedly been having an affair on his wife for nearly three years….

Sheriff Hans John Miller and his wife Rebecca A. Miller has been married for more than 40 years, but the relationship took a turn when she learned that her husband had possibly been cheating on her with a mistress…

Sheriff Miller and his LEGAL Wife, Rebecca Miller

Word On The Curb is that the Sheriff has been allegedly having an ongoing affair with Sheryl Denise Ramsey, a woman he sends out to attack his critics on a daily basis.

We have also learned through emails sent by Ramsey to another individual that Miller also had been sleeping with radio co-host DeeDee Daube of the Raiford Brown Morning Show.

Other than what Ramsey stated in the emails, we do not have proof that Miller and Daube had any kind of sexual relations…

The honor and integrity that Sheriff Miller portrays himself to have do NOT extend to his wife, Rebecca Miller. His alleged discrepancies with his mistress above that have said to have taken place over the course of at least three years have been reported to lead to the demise of their marriage.

In the emails we will show you sent by Ramsey, she even admits that Miller’s wife left him because of him allegedly sleeping with the radio co-host. We do know that in 2017, Miller and his wife were living in two separate homes but reunited last year for a “STUNT” when he was re-elected as Sheriff of Onslow County.

Ramsey’s loyalty to Sheriff Miller has been publicly displayed through her coming to his defense on many of his Facebook posts, especially when they include me.

In return, Miller has shown his admiration of Ramsey on her Facebook page from as far as April of 2016. On a picture posted by “Denise Ramsey” on May 23rd of 2017, Miller’s comment can be seen referring to her as “Pretty and Smart”. Art Furtney added to Miller’s comment by saying, “And pretty teeeeeeth.” Miller replies to Furtney saying “And mind! And attitude!”

Sources close to Sheriff Miller told The North Carolina Beat that Miller and his mistress are still in some type of relationship that would call it into question, being that he is STILL married to Rebecca.

Now, let me say this…because I am not done, of course, but why would another MARRIED man be flirting with another woman that is not his wife?????????!!!!!! Isn’t that lustful? Doesn’t the bible say if you lust after another woman, you’ve already committed adultery? Oh, OKAY!¬† (Matthew 5:28) “But I tell you that anyone who looks at a woman lustfully has already committed adultery with her in his heart.”

Still today this day, sources say they have seen Miller and Ramsey in private places….we can’t confirm that but in this situation…I believe it to be real!

We were sent emails of Ramsey, having a profound conversation with someone whose name we will not mention, about Daube, the radio co-host. In the series of emails, Ramsey was “planning” on calling out Dabue, but has yet to do it. It seems like she will have to log off, protecting her lover Miller from everyone who opposes him and handle her grown woman business, and in turn, put away her childish ways of social media.

In the emails, Ramsey says that Miller’s wife, Rebecca, left him because he was fucking around with Daube


Leake Email #1
Leaked Email #2
Leaked Email #3
Leaked Email #4
Leaked Email #5
Leaked Email #6

Rebecca Miller posted a picture of herself and the sheriff on Facebook in June of 2018, and the caption reads “And they said it wouldn’t last and look at us now!”

But the question I have is, does Mrs. Miller really know who her husband is and what he is doing on the low? Hmmm. I do understand that some women do suffer from low-self esteem..but if he did it one time, he’ll do it again. IJS!

Miller’s mistress has continuously made false allegations that attorneys were paying me to write stories about others. She also posted photos of me on her timeline. This woman literally stalks me on a daily basis…but what woman is not going to take off for her man, if someone keeps on writing stories about them….. *winks* (Look At The Screenshots Below)


The Miller family is in our prayers.


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