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Grand Juror in Breonna Taylor case say they didn’t agree that her death was justified


The American People are learning more and more about the Grand Jury proceedings in the Breonna Taylor case.

One Juror has come out and told CNN that they didn’t believe that Taylor’s death was justified and that a homicide charge was not on the table brought by Kentucky AG, Daniel Cameron.

This, ladies and gentlemen, proves why Cameron wanted to fight against the release of the proceedings, but Jefferson County Circuit Court Judge Annie O’Connell ordered that the records in the proceedings be released to show if “publicly elected officials are honest.”

According to CNN, in a statement, “Grand Juror #1” said that the only charge presented during the proceedings was wanton endangerment.

The grand juror said they asked AG Cameron about homicide laws but they were not explained to them.

Questions were asked about the additional charges and the grand jury was told there would be none because the prosecutors didn’t feel they could make them stick, the statement obtained by CNN said. The grand jury didn’t agree that certain actions were justified, nor did it decide the indictment should be the only charges in Breonna Taylor case.

AG Cameron said he disagreed with the judge’s decision but would not appeal it.

Hopefully, the FBI will indict the officers on federal charges for the death of Breonna Taylor.


Two 18-year-old women in North Carolina charged with stealing 66 Trump campaign signs


Two North Carolina women are fed up with President Donald Trump, so they took it upon themselves to remove 66 of his campaign signs.

Officials say they learned of the stolen signs when they pulled over a car the teens were driving speeding in Duplin, County.

An N.C. Highway Patrol Officer spotted the signs in the car and determined that the signs were stolen from Onslow County, North Carolina, on Haw Branch Road.

18-year-old Trinity Rose Graham of Wallace and Sasha Stukov-Taylor of Richlands is charged with stealing and removing political signs, a misdemeanor in North Carolina.

The two were also charged with three counts of contributing to a minor’s delinquency because three children were in the car when the state trooper stopped it.


‘Well Known’ Knightdale, N.C. pastor looses his mind on Facebook, says his wife is a gold digger and tried to abort his child

Pastor Bazemore and his wife, Qiana.

A North Carolina pastor has taken to social media to air out his marital issues and drags his wife for filth, at one point saying she is a modern-day JEZEBEL.

Bishop A. Wyoming Bazemore Jr. of Knightdale, North Carolina, had a lot to say on Facebook Saturday afternoon when he went after his wife, Prophetess Qiana Ann’Gel Daniels Bazemore, who he accuses of being a fucked up woman. Chilleeee.

Pastor Bazemore and his wife, Qiana.

You find out who your REAL friends are when you have to go to social media to air out your business…looks like this guy doesn’t have anyone who cares for him until the comments filled up with other clergymen begging him to get off Facebook live. 

In the 45 minute video, Pastor Bazemore talks about him serving three years in North Carolina Adult of Corrections for a crime he committed. Through a public search, we found that Pastor Bazemore was a scamming fraudulent pastor who used worthless checks to get SUV’S from car dealers. 

Pastor Bazemore Mugshot

In his rant, he talked about him and his ex-wife going through a separation and living alone, trying to get back on his feet. Through the process, he said he and his ex-wife were faking and acting like they had everything together just so the church wouldn’t look at them crazy. Pastor Bazemore said through all of that, he met his now-wife, Qiana, but he had already met her previously in Chicago 10-years-ago.

Fast forward; Pastor Bazemore said he had seen Qiana again at a funeral he attended. He said he didn’t say anything to her in person when he saw her a second time, but he did reach out to her on Facebook a month later. He said the two talked, got to know each other, and even took her on trips.

Pastor Bazemore said in the video that hell broke loose between him and Qiana when his money DRIED UP and that every preacher that knew him told him not to ‘fuck with her.’ Pastor Bazemore says all those preachers were right and that he almost has lost his mind dealing with her.

She is manipulative, Pastor Bazemore said. When I got with Ann’Gel, I had money. Ann’Gel had good credit.

Pastor Bazemore said, as a result, they would buy things they couldn’t afford. He said he had to rob Peter to pay Paul, so he started taking money out of the funeral home he was working for checking account to pay their bills.

It’s good to know that these crooks weren’t stealing from the people of God to pay for their lavish lifestyle that wasn’t so lavish.

Pastor Bazemore said all of this is over him not being able to pay any of the bills and that she has brain froze him for the last seven months, calling her a modern-day JEZEBEL!

Everybody told me to leave this girl alone, Pastor Bazemore yells in the video. i LOST EVERYTHING BECAUSE i WAS IN LOVE.

Pastor Bazemore called his wife a HOE, saying she has been with so many preachers but didn’t name who they were. He said Qiana kicked him out of the house Friday night because he went to a funeral and didn’t tell her and had to sleep in the car. He said after sleeping in his car Friday night, he came home, took a shower, and he and Qiana had sex. After they had sex, he said she looked him in his face and told him that she still didn’t want to be with him.

Pastor Bazemore said that he has dealt with Qiana through all of this because they have a child involved, but he did say that she scheduled an appointment for abortion of his child.

I literally hate this woman, he says in the video. I swear to god I have to get away from her.

Pastor Bazemore said that his wife Qiana was telling people that he hit her and that she was scared of him but he says that is not true and that he has never put his hands on her.

I am not an aggressive person, Pastor Bazemore says in the video. No, I am not an aggressive person.

Pastor Bazemore said a few weeks ago, he tried to take his life, and Qiana showed up to the hospital and said ‘I just wanted to see if you were still alive, I don’t even want you,’ and walked out of the hospital.

Whew chile it’s a lot. Just watch the video BELOW!!!!!


To be honest, I don’t think his wife Qiana is innocent, but I don’t think Pastor Bazemore is either. He sounds like he is full of shit and is crazy ass hell!



DISTURBING! Rowland, N.C. police officer BRUTALLY beaten in video, no-one helps him


A North Carolina police officer was brutally beaten early Saturday morning after responding to a disturbance call. Sales were the only officer on duty in Rowland, North Carolina at the time, according to Rowland Police Chief Hubert Graham.

The officer’s name is Michael Sales, 27, of the Rowland Police Department.

Officer Michael Sales (Facebook)

Authorities say Officer Sales was responding to a disturbance call on Benton Court shortly after 1 a.m. Saturday morning and was beaten while trying to arrest a man.

Officer Michael Sales beat.

Jamel Alphonso Rogers,26, was charged with assault with a deadly weapon with intentions to kill, inflicting serious injuries, kidnapping, and two counts of resisting a public officer.

Jamel Rogers Robeson County Booking Photo.

The North Carolina Beat was able to obtain the video that lasts about 11 minutes.

In the video, Officer Sales asks the man recording to help, but the man refused.

According to the World Population Review, Rowland has about 988 people in the city. But it still doesn’t give Chief Graham a reason only to have one police officer on duty. 988 is still a lot of people, especially if something were to pop off just like it did in this incident.

Sheriff deputies from Dillion County, South Carolina, had to come and assist Officer Sale.

But to be honest, the Chief should have gotten his ass up out of bed and went out there to help the officer he put in danger. Especially with Officer Sale having a history of getting in fights and can never seem to win any of them.

In December of 2019, Sellers was working for the Maxton Police Department when he was beaten up surrounded by a local store crowd.

I would be asking if I was his family is, why did you have him out there alone?

I don’t support violence on good police officers, never have and never will. All officers are not bad cops, and I understand people frustration when they see good cops staying on the force where it’s full of bad cops, but how many of you that stood and watched this officer get beat knew him? How do you know that he wasn’t one of the good ones?


Officer Sales was airlifted to UNC Medical Center due to the possibility of a broken bone around his eye.

He said to be okay, according to friends close to him.

Thankfully Officer Sales didn’t shoot anyone because had he did, it would have been justified.



KARMA! Racist N.C. man arrested just days after he sent a woman a racist message on Facebook


They do say KARMA is real, and let me tell you; this racist man must’ve not known that, but he GON learn today!

North Carolina man charged for assaulting a passenger on an airplane in 2016 has been picked up by the FBI just days after sending a woman a disturbing message asking her if she was a nigger lover. We don’t believe that his statement resulted in his arrest, just karma caught up to him for some bullshit he did that violated supervised probation on the 2016 assault case.

David Brandon Bowlin, 36, was arrested in Winston-Salem, North Carolina by the feds Tuesday and has no bond pending a preliminary revocation hearing set for October 20, 2020, according to federal documents obtained by The North Carolina Beat.


It is unclear at this time what Bowlin is accused of doing, but his court hearing is scheduled for November 20, 2020, at 3:00 p.m.





FBI says they will not be releasing the name of N.C. pastor who peed on a woman during Delta flight


The FBI in Detroit, Michigan, told The North Carolina Beat Friday morning that they would not be releasing the North Carolina pastor’s name who urinated on a Black woman during a Delta flight Monday until he is charged.

We wrote about this viral story Thursday, but the pastor’s unknown identity has left social media trying to figure out who this “Well Known” North Carolina pastor could be.

We were able to confirm that whoever this pastor is, is white and not black.

Alicia Beverly, the victim in this incident, says she and her sister had just left Las Vegas and was headed home to Detroit, Michigan. While asleep on the Delta flight, a man stood up and urinated on her.

Alicia Beverly of Detroit, Michigan

Special Agent Mara Schneider told The North Carolina Beat in an email that “The subject was issued a court appearance for misdemeanor assault and released.” 

Scheider said she could not release the subject’s name until he is criminally charged.

Until he appears in front of a judge and therefore gets formally charged, we will not be releasing his name. And, unfortunately, I don’t have any information about when he will appear, she said.

Unfortunately, I don’t believe this was an accident or some sleep aid reaction because, in MY opinion, if whoever has taken a sleep aid and done something like this, they would address this publicly and issue an apology. But it seems like whoever this pastor is, is not the Man of God they should be.

We may never find out who this pastor’s name is if the judge decides that this was an accident.

We will continue to follow this story.

Body found in Brynn Marr Village Apartments in Jacksonville, N.C. Thursday afternoon


A neighbor in Brynn Marr Village Apartments in Jacksonville, North Carolina, said they called 911 after smelling a foul odor in the complex Thursday afternoon.

Upon arrival, the Jacksonville Police Department discovered human remains in the area.

One eye-witness tells The North Carolina Beat that Jacksonville Police was on the scene from about 2 p.m. until late Thursday night around 7:45 p.m.

The North Carolina Beat was able to obtain an email from Brynn Marr Village Apartments sent out to tenants Friday.


Email sent out to Brynn Marr Village tenants

The North Carolina Beat reached out to Jacksonville Police Department for more information and they released the following statement below:

“Jacksonville Police Department is conducting an unattended death investigation. At approximately 4:00 P.M on Thursday, October 15, 2020, officers located a body within the wooded tree line adjacent to 301 Village Drive.

An unattended death is one that occurs outside of the presence of a medical professional.

This is an open and active investigation,” said Captain Mike Capps, supervisor of JPD’s Investigative Services Division. We are in the preliminary stages of the investigation and are unable to release any details or information at this time.”

Anyone with information is asked to contact Detective John Clukey at 910-938-6409 or jclukey@jacksonvillenc.gov or Crime Stoppers at 910-938-3273.

Crime Stoppers offers cash rewards of up to $2,500 for information determined to be of value to law enforcement.  Callers to Crime Stoppers are not required to reveal their identities. Information can also be anonymously texted via Text-A-Tip by typing TIP4CSJAX and your message to 274637 (CRIMES).

No more information is available at this time.

2,684 new reported COVID-19 cases in North Carolina


North Carolina sees a spike in coronavirus cases as the state continues in Phase 3 with restrictions.

Friday, North Carolina reported 2,684 new COVID-19 cases. On Thursday, the state reported more than 2,500 new cases.

North Carolina reported 2,684 new cases of the novel coronavirus on Friday. With more than 2,500 new cases reported Thursday, the state is reaching a peak unseen since the pandemic began.

Nearly 4,000 North Carolinians have died of COVID-19 in the past seven months, according to health officials.

At least 206,471 have supposedly recovered from the virus as of Friday, October 16, 2020.

“One thing is clear: North Carolinians must be even more vigilant in our effort to prevent the spread of this virus,” Gov. Roy Cooper said. “Complacency will cost lives and hurt our economy.”

Although the Governor has yet to tie the new uptick in cases to his move into Phase 3, it sure does look like that move may have caused this spike.

White ‘Well Known NC Pastor’ name withheld after peeing on Delta flight passenger


The North Carolina Beat has been able to confirm with sources in North Carolina and Detroit, Michigan, that the N.C. pastor who urinated on a Delta flight passenger on their way back from Las Vegas headed to ‘The Dirty D’ (Detroit, Michigan) is White.

We have been working tirelessly to bring you the identity of this “prominent” North Carolina pastor who Alicia Beverly referred to as ‘Well-Known’ in her interview with Fox 2 Detroit.

Early Monday morning, it was an early morning flight for Beverly, but she didn’t expect to be awakened by pee let loose on her by a so-called man of God.

Beverly said she was in the back of the Delta airplane sleeping next to her sister when she all of a sudden felt a warm liquid splashing on her.

It felt warm, like on the side of me I felt something warm, she told Fox 2 Detroit in an interview.

Beverly said she jumped up and seen the pastor’s private area out.

I jump up and I seen his private area out and I screamed and that woke everybody up, Bolivia said. By that time I actually looked at him and I see him shake himself off and I’m like this man just peed on me! I looked and there was a puddle of pee in the seats!

When Beverly screamed, everyone woke up, including an off-duty officer who rushed over and detained the man, who is said to be a well-known pastor in North Carolina.

Fox 2 Detroit say the sources they spoke with told them that the pastor reacted to a sleep aid.

Beverly said she had to sit in the urinate clothes for several hours before landing in Detroit. The pastor was taken into custody but hasn’t been charged yet. The FBI is handling the case due to the incident happening in the air, in which the feds handle all incidents in the air.

The pastor’s name remains a secret, but not for long because The North Carolina Beat is working to identify this pastor.

As we stated above, the pastor is White, and his camp has been threatening certain media outlets with a civil suit if his name is released.



N.C. man registered as a sex offender ADMITS to sleeping with 8yr old girl, says she’s aggressive


RAPISTS and CHILD MOLESTORS strike again. This time I take you to Winston-Salem, North Carolina, where an already registered pedophile admits in a video that he is sleeping with an 8-year-old girl.

Listen, you can’t make this stuff up. Still, thankfully, there’s a track record of this pedophile because, in 2010, he was convicted for indecent liberties with a 15-year-old, according to North Carolina Sex Offender Registry.

Omar Andre McFarlane Sex Offender Registry

In a video recorded by a woman on Facebook named Tay Dawkins is 37-year-old Omar Andre McFarlane, a registered sex offender in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

In the video that was streamed live on Facebook Saturday afternoon shows Tay Dawkins questioning McFarlane about him sleeping with an 8-year-old child. McFarlane tells Dawkins that he told her the information because she seems open and accepting. When Dawkins asks McFarlane if he liked young girls, he immediately says, “I do like young girls.”

McFarlane says, “this wasn’t me,” trying to say he doesn’t know what got into him to make him sleep with an 8-year-old child.

You don’t understand everything though, he tells Dawkins. She real aggressive, he says.

Dawkins says to McFarlane, “An 8-year-old real is real aggressive?” in which McFarlane quickly nods his head in a yes motion.

As Dawkins continues questioning McFarlane, he tells her that he’s “weak.”

I’m weak a little bit. You can only fight so much, McFarlane says.

Dawkins asks McFarlane if he had kids, and he pauses, and then ask her if she wants to have his baby. She tells him “no” and says you might sleep with them, to which McFarlane responded, “if I did, I would tell you.”

Later in the video, Dawkins Ipad dies in which she facetime McFarlane on another device. On the new facetime call, when Dawkins brings back up the conversation, McFarlane acts like he doesn’t know what the fuck is going on.