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Woman found cockroach inside the skin of chicken from KFC in Havelock, N.C.


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Kentucky Fried Chicken in Havelock is currently under investigation by Craven County Health Department after a woman found a cockroach cooked with her chicken.

On Friday, July 30, Ryann Jones said she went to KFC located at 107 Miller Blvd in Havelock and ordered a 10-piece chicken box for her and husband. When the couple got home and starting eating dinner, they found a cockroach inside the skin of a piece of chicken.

Jones said she contacted Craven County Health Department, sent them the photos and they are currently investigating.



Jacksonville woman accused of threatening to shoot up woman house

Dominique Monique Garrison

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A Jacksonville woman was arrested and charged with communicating threats after she allegedly threatened to shoot up a woman’s home.

Diamond Monique Garrison, 33, of Blue Creek Road was arrested Monday, August 3, for the aforementioned charges after she had been running from the police since June 29, 2020.

Dominique Monique Garrison

According to warrants, Diamond Monique Garrison “unlawfully and willfully did threaten to physically injure the person of TELICA THOMAS and damage the property of TELICA THOMAS. The threat was communicated to TELICA THOMAS by TELLING HER SHE WOULD COME TO HER PLACE AND SHOOT IT UP.” (READ WARRANT BELOW)


Thomas’s 15-year-old son and Garrisons‘ 15-year-old daughter had been in a dating relationship. When Thomas’ son had broken the relationship off with Garrison’s daughter, Garrison and her daughter got upset. Garrison’s daughter started harassing Thoma’s son.

As Garrison’s daughter continued harassing her ex-boyfriend, Thomas got on the phone and told the young lady to stop texting her son’s phone. At that point, Garrison got involved and threatened to shoot up the home of Thomas.

In the criminal complaint, Thomas said “they stated that had people sitting outside my house, waiting for them to give them the word to shoot.”

Garrison was released on a written promise to appear.

She is currently on probation and has felony probation pending in superior court. She was convicted of common law robbery in 2019 and trafficking cocaine in 2017

Her next court date for the communicating threats is on August 25, 2020.

DISGUSTING! Video shows Jacksonville, NC woman selling FOOD out of her unclean, filthy home


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The owner of a local Jacksonville home-based “business” is under fire after a video captured inside of her home shows the kitchen where she preps and cooks food for customers, DIRTY AS FUCK!

The name of the illegitimate business is called Dime’s Pieces, and the owner’s name is Diamond Monique Garrison.

Diamond Monique Garrison

Apparently, Garrison sells decorated desserts such as cupcakes, strawberries, popcorn, and pretzel sticks. But the problem is, the food she sells is allegedly being cooked and prepped in unclean pots and pans in a dirty ass kitchen.

One woman who wishes to remain anonymous says she knows Garrison ‘really well’ and that Garrison “has never been a clean person.” OOP, Chileeee.

The video obtained by The North Carolina Beat shows the inside of the Dime’s Pieces business with unclean dishes, pots, and pans everywhere, a towel on the floor, and guess what else we found? A little strawberry sitting by himself on a dirty ass table that looks like the prep table. (LOOK AT THE PHOTO AND VIDEO BELOW)

Picture of strawberry sitting on towel

Isn’t that DISGUSTING??? Is this where people are ordering their desserts? Obviously, this is a public health issue…but some of y’all like nasty and would still eat this junk.

The video above was originally posted by Sharifa Marshall on June 15, 2020. In the caption, Marshall said “So if you ordering from Diamon Monique you might want to rethink things. I don’t understand why nobody didn’t warn me.” (READ POST BELOW)

After Garrison caught wind about the post, she responded saying “AND WHOEVER BEEN IN MY HOUSE TAKING VIDEOS TO SEND BITCH DO IT IN FRONT OF ME! So you can get your issue with that frozen apple. Y’all bitches need life and something of your own. Those tricks ain’t gone do shit but turn around that’s why death knocking on some of y’all doors and you can barely tell up from down without a bill to your fucking face all day. Leave me the fuck alone. I’m not bothering you bothered ass bitches! And I’m not deleting shit in advance.” (READ POST BELOW)

So, basically Garrison got mad because Marshall was doing us all a favor and sharing a video that captured the inside of Dime’s Pieces…you can’t be mad at that. If you not clean, you not clean and you shouldn’t be selling anything to the public.

Go back to the photo above, you can see a STRAWBERRY sitting on a freaking towel… among other things the video shows. And she was really about to sell this stuff to people who have placed orders with her. SMH!

Anyways, is this a Black-owned business you want to support? I wouldn’t. Your kitchen shouldn’t be looking like this if you have a cooking business, PERIOD!




Wilmington Activist and former mayoral candidate arrested by U.S. Marshals


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The U.S. Marshalls have arrested a man who was outed earlier this week by his estranged wife, who accused him of raping and physically abusing her in 2015.

Devon Michael Scott, 37, of Wilmington is charged with 2nd Degree Sexual Offense just days after he admitted to physically assaulting and raping his wife, Lauren Scott.

If convicted, Scott can face up to 231 months in prison and will have to register as a sex offender.

Wilmington Police say the U.S. Marshals Carolina Regional Fugitive Task Force arrested Scott Thursday afternoon at his residence.

Scott is being held without a bond.

His first court appearance is Friday afternoon in New Hanover Court.


Wilmington activist admits to raping and assaulting his wife in 2015

Devon Scott

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A Wilmington, North Carolina activist is under fire after he was outed by his estranged wife for raping and physically assaulting her.

Devon Scott did not hesitate to admit the allegations and has now stepped down from the Wilmington Advocacy and Protest Organization.

In a series of posts from Lauren Scott, Devon’s wife, she told the public about her rape, domestic violence, and emotional mistreatment at the hands of Devon.

Lauren Scott

You CANNOT support, condone, allow, or tolerate this man as a public figure, Lauren said. And I would question if you can support those who do. Because who he was when he harmed me is nothing compared to the polysexual predator he’s capable of being now, she continued.


Devon said he struck and touched his wife Lauren out of anger in 2015. But we all know what Devon meant, he literally raped her.

In a Facebook message and in response to the allegations, Devon said “It is rape, clear cut.” (READ THE MESSAGE BELOW)

Lauren told local reporters that she came forward in July out of concern with Devon’s recent activism.

Devon and Lauren married each other in September of 2014 and is in the process of separation.

It is unknown if charges will follow for these allegations being that Devon has openly admitted to these deplorable crimes. But police in Wilmington say sexual assault cases are unlikely to proceed without the cooperation of the victim.

At this moment, it is unknown if Lauren will pursue any criminal charges against her husband. However, it is up to the District Attorney’s office to proceed with or without the victim.





NO MORE ALCOHOL AFTER 11 PM: Governor Cooper issues new executive order


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DemoRAT Governor Roy Cooper is at it again with his unbelievable executive orders. But this time he is coming down on restaurants in North Carolina to “help” slow the spread of COVID-19.

During Tuesday’s press conference, Cooper said that he is putting an 11:00 PM curfew in place on alcohol sales for on-site consumption in restaurants, breweries, wineries, and distilleries, beginning Friday.

Cooper says the order will not apply to grocery stores, convenience stores, or other entities permitted to sell alcohol.

A legitimate reason for this move from the Governor is unknown, but we do know that hospitalizations in North Carolina have gone up.

Nearly 1,244 people are in the hospital due to COVID-19 complications and the death toll is at 1,820.

This new executive order is not clear on how stopping the sale of alcohol at a certain time will help slow the spread of the virus.

It almost seems like instead of Cooper actually trying to slow the spread of the virus, he is at work trying to destroy our FREEDOM.

Like WTF! People are still going to be in restaurants whether they are drinking or not, what’s the fucking point?


Doctor claims there is a treatment for COVID-19, but her voice is being silenced


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See, with all of this FAKE NEWS on the internet, I see that social media platforms are silencing REAL Doctors spreading REAL news.

Now, everybody knows I do not like President Donald Trump but I am the kind of person to give credit when credit is due…and now I am seeing some truth to what Trump has been saying for some time and why he has decided to exclude Dr. Anthony Fauci from his Coronavirus press conferences. See, you have to be #Woke to understand this.

Will the American people accept the fact that Doctor Fauci may have been misleading the American people? Now, I’m not saying that anything he has said is fake but too many Doctors have disagreed with him and his information about COVID-19.

The American people are waiting for an end to COVID-19 and human trials of a potential vaccine are in the works at Oxford University in England.

But according to Doctor Stella Immanuel out of Houston, there is a cure for COVID-19 and she has used it on 350 patients of her own.

Many of you may or may not know that President Donald Trump has mentioned Hydroxychloroquine many times and that he is taking the medicine. (VIDEO BELOW)

The drug has been known to treat Malaria but studies have since shown that it could potentially cure the coronavirus.

On Monday, President Donald Trump went on a Twitter rant about how he believes Hydroxychloroquine can treat the deadly virus but his tweets were removed by Twitter for spreading “false” information.

During his rant storm, he mentioned Doctor Stella Immanuel and said:

She’s a fearless warrior for the truth…debunking the left-wing narrative on #Hydroxychloroquine that is why they want to attack her so fiercely…keep up the good fight Dr. Stella!

Dr. Immanuel is a member of America’s Frontline Doctors, a group of doctors who support the use of Hydroxychloroquine.

Outside of the Capitol building in Washington recently, Dr. Stella Immanuel and a group of doctors all dressed in white coats spoke about their findings on Hydroxychloroquine being able to cure COVID-19.

Dr. Immanuel said: I am here because I have personally treated over 350 patients with Covid. Patients that have diabetes. Patients that have high blood pressure. Patients that have asthma. All people, I think my oldest patient is 92. And 7-year-olds, and the result has been the same.


But because these words aren’t coming out of Dr. Anthony Fauci’s mouth, it’s “FAKE NEWS?” Unbelievable!

Children in Florida are being hospitalized due to COVID-19, other states should be concerned


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In a few weeks, schools across the country will reopen but in Florida, children are being hospitalized due to Covid-19.

Does this mean that schools across the country that will allow in-person learning should be concerned? I believe so.

On July 16, Florida had a total of 23,170 children ages 17 and under test positive for COVID-19, according to the Florida Department of Health. By July 24, the number had jumped to 31,150.

Experts say that number is a 34% increase in new cases among children in eight days. Children in Florida are requiring hospitalizations and as of July 16, 246 children had been hospitalized with the coronavirus. That number jumped to 303 in eight days.

The surge of children COVID-19 cases in Florida is rampant and the big debate about whether children should return to classrooms this fall or not is heated.

These cases contradict US Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos’ who claims that children are “stoppers of the disease” who “don’t get it and transmit it themselves.” How crazy does she sound though? Crazy ass hell.

Despite these high numbers, the state has ordered schools to physically open next month, and parents, educators, doctors are on edge.

In North Carolina, Governor Roy Cooper said that students will return back to school in Fall but the learning will be a mixture of in-person and online. He did give school districts the option to allow strictly online learning.


Libertarian candidate Jo Jorgensen BEAT Trump in a poll with over 10,000 votes


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I have always been vocal about wanting to see America elect it’s first-ever female President, and this time we may have a shot with the Libertarian candidate, Jo Jorgensen.

In a voting poll we started on our Facebook page, The North Carolina Beat, more than 10,000 people voted for who they would elect as president in November between Jo Jorgensen and Donald Trump.

Well, let’s just say Trump lost…because with over 10,000 votes, Jorgensen is leading with 86% and Trump with 14% of the votes.


FYI… Joe Biden lost to Trump in our poll. He doesn’t stand a chance with Jo Jorgensen, neither of them.

With just four months away from the general election in November, many of you voters may be unfamiliar with Jo Jorgensen who is in the ring with two monsters.

In May of this year, Jorgensen was chosen as the first woman to lead the Libertarian party presidential ticket along with her running mate, Jeremy “Spike” Cohen.

Jeremy “Spike” Cohen

Jorgensen believes the government should be smaller, and the people should be able to have FREEDOM. She says both Democratic and Republican policies have created trillion-dollar deficits and unnecessary involvement in costly wars.

Jo Jorgensen’s presidential campaign is a way different choice from Donald Trump and Joe Biden.

Both the Republican party and Democratic party have given the country high health costs, high improvement rates, a broken retirement system, and an endless immigration problem, according to Jorgensen.

Big government mandates and programs created these problems, Jorgensen said. To solve them, we need to make government smaller – much, much smaller.



In an interview with NPR, Jorgensen said she was critical of the feds response to the coronavirus.

Jorgensen said the Libertarian administration wouldn’t have put everybody under house arrest.

We believe in individual freedom and that people should be able to go about their lives as they choose, she said.

Although governors and mayors didn’t consider their stay-at-home orders “house arrest.” Jorgensen told NPR host Scott Simon that it “felt like it” to the people staying at home.

It would be considered wise to stay home amid a pandemic, but the government shouldn’t mandate it. Rather, it should be an individual choice, Jorgensen said.

Jorgensen said during a survey a few months ago when they asked people should the economy reopen, 60 to 80% of the people said no, it’s too soon. She said that just shows that people have enough common sense to stay home without the government telling them to.


Jorgensen has also been very critical of the immigration system in America. She says the U.S. should not be building a wall along the southern border or separate children from parents who illegally enter the country. But she does support deporting illegal immigrants who commit serious crimes.

On her campaign website, Jorgensen said the freedom to trade and travel is fundamental to human liberty.

As President, I will use my Constitutional authority to eliminate trade barriers & tariffs, and work to repeal arbitrary quotas on the number of people who can legally enter the United States to work, visit, or reside, she said.

Health Care

Jorgensen said there are underlying reasons as to why the United States healthcare is so expensive. She says it is because of the Republican and Democratic policy decisions over the last 50 years.

According to Jorgensen, both parties spend entirely too much time disagreeing on whether private insurance companies or government bureaucrats should manage healthcare decisions. But Jorgensen says those policies are the “exact opposite” of what should be done.

We can reduce the cost of health care 75% by allowing real price competition, and by substantially reducing government and insurance company paperwork, Jorgensen said. This will make health care affordable for most Americans, while also reducing the cost of legacy programs like Medicare, Medicaid, and the VA.

Gun Regulation

Jorgensen’s campaign website talks about her opposition to additional restrictions for purchasing a gun. She also opposes allowing the victim of gun violence to sue firearm dealers and manufacturers.

The Libertarian candidate also believes that the people should be able to own any gun the government owns.

Among other issues that Jorgensen stands firm on, her party believes the government should just defend the people’s rights and let them pursue their own interests.

Jorgensen wants to:

  • Pardon all non-violent offenders of victimless crimes
  • Repeal all laws for victimless crimes
  • End qualified immunity for law enforcement
  • End the failed war on drugs
  • End militarization of police
  • End civil asset forfeiture
  • End mandatory minimum sentencing
  • End ATF 
  • Balance the budget
  • Bring our troops home
  • Allow doctors and their patients to decide medical decisions
  • End fossil fuel subsidies
  • Replace social security
  • Allow free trade
  • Return education to teachers, parents, and students

To sum it all up, with Jorgensen in office, you will take control of your own life.

Jorgensen is on ballots in 36 states but soon will be on all 50. Hopefully, in the next presidential debate, she will be included.

Visit Jo20.com for more information.


Owner of Jacksonville restaurant faces backlash over her husband’s indecent liberties convictions


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A Jacksonville, North Carolina restaurant owner is facing criticism on social media for a crime that has nothing to do with her other than the defendant being her husband.

Liliana Rios, the owner of Liliana’s Colombian Restaurant & Bakery in Jacksonville said that on Sunday, July 19, she was made aware of a social media post attacking her business because of a crime her husband committed.

If you don’t remember, back in 2007, Gustavo Ernesto Rios, who was 39 at the time was arrested and charged with six counts of first-degree sex offense with a child under 13. He was a pediatrician at the time of his arrest.

On June 6, 2007, Gustavo pleaded guilty to six counts of indecent liberties with a child and was sentenced to 7 years in prison. He was released on March 7, 2014.

Gustavo is currently registered as a child sex offender and according to him, he’s on probation for the rest of his life because of his choices.

Sunday, Gustavo told The North Carolina Beat that he took and still take full responsibility for his actions and that what he did has nothing to do with his wife’s business.

When I came home from prison, this is what she had. A restaurant. And she gave me a job. I know what I did and i know what i have to live with, he said.

Gustavo said that his wife had to move on with her life when he went away and that’s what she did.

Liliana told The North Carolina Beat that she had been in Jacksonville since 2006 and that everybody knows about her husband and what he did. She says there’s nothing she can do to change what happened.

This has been out there for years and I cannot change it, she said. But I do have to survive, and still, pay bills.

The post was made by Natasha Bush who warned people in the area to be aware of the businesses they choose to patronize. (SEE POST BELOW)

The post read that Lilianna’s husband, Gustavo was the owner and that people needed to be careful because he was a registered child sex offender. But Gustavo is not the owner of the business, according to North Carolina Secretary of State.

As of Monday, it remains unknown as to why the attacks on the business all of a sudden started. However, rumor has it that “customers” don’t feel safe with Gustavo being around their children. But Gustavo said that he is not allowed to be around children unattended.

Lilliana told The North Carolina Beat that in 2007 when Gustavo went to prison, it was just her and her three small children. She said that she struggled to take care of her kids. Her mom moved to Jacksonville from New Jersey to help her, and while Gustavo was incarcerated, they opened a restaurant.

Liliana Rios and her mother.

I came home to try to better myself and get a job. It was so hard because of what I did. It has been so hard Mr. Jackson but my wife gave me one and I love what I do, Gustavo said.

Liliana said that she wishes people will still come and enjoy the food she and her mother cooks but it’s up to them and she simply cannot change what happened with her husband.

I didn’t tell him to do that. That was his choice that I did not know about. My kids and I was really hurt. I didn’t know what to do but I made a vow to God that for better or worse that I would stay by my husband’s side, Liliana said.

Gustavo said that working at Liliana’s Colombian Restaurant & Bakery is the only job he’s had since he was released from prison in 2014.

This is the only job I have and if it closes, I lose it, Gustavo said.

With tears in her eyes, Liliana said that she is going to move on with her life and hope that people who enjoy their food would not let her husband’s decision change their taste buds.

I have to move on because I can’t dwell here, she said. I have three children that depend on me and I need my husband because nobody is gonna work for me as hard as he works for me, nobody.

Liliana said that her husband is in compliance with the law and is doing everything he supposed to do and he has not done anything he isn’t supposed to do.

She tells us that she is not divorcing her husband because of her vow to God and that she does not plan on terminating him. She simply wants to move on with her life.

If the business closes, then there’s nothing I can do. It just lets me know that God has something greater for me. But I am not leaving my husband. He still has to live, eat, survive and so do our children, Liliana said.

I am so glad that I had the opportunity to sit down with both Liliana and Gustavo Rios and talk to them Sunday evening. You know, people have every right to not like Gustavo because of his deplorable actions but is it right to attack and try to destroy his wife’s business because of HIS choices..the business that she started on her own to help take care of her children because her husband couldn’t because he was in prison due to his actions? No, it’s not right in my opinion. Some of you may say otherwise, but let’s be real…what do you want the man to do? Kill himself? Nah, I’m not for that. Yes, he did some disgusting things and he has done his jail time for that and he has to be monitored for the rest of his life…but he can’t be mad at anyone but himself.

Let’s face it, what do you really want from this family? Does the food change because of what he did? I hope not. If you attack him, fine but leave this woman business out of it! She has every right to employ her fucking husband…that’s her MAN!