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AUDIO: Robeson County Jail not able to release information about possible ‘suspect’ in Hania Aguilar kidnapping

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I received a phone call from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Wednesday afternoon in regard to a story written in the case of 13-year-old Hania Aguilar. (Click HERE if you missed that)

Sources close the investigation revealed to The North Carolina Beat that 34-year-old Michael Ray McLellan is the man responsible for the kidnapping of Hania, and now, possibly her murder. Although officials have yet to officially announce a suspect or person of interest, it does not mean that this man is not responsible. Police are continuing to announce that they are still looking for a suspect in the case.

34-year-old Michael Ray Allen

In November of 2017, The North Carolina Beat covered the case of Mariah Woods, the 3-year-old who was reported missing but who was in fact murdered by her mother’s live in boyfriend.  At the time, law enforcement was putting information out that they had no persons of interest, while all along they had the man who was responsible, Earl Kimrey, in their custody for more than a week. A vetted source that was close to that the investigation contacted us with a photo from inside FBI control room with two people posted on the wall.

3-year-old Mariah Woods

The people posted were Mariah Wood’s mother Kristy Kay Hunter, and the mother live-in boyfriend Earl Kimrey.

Here’s a photo from inside the command center that we had to find, couldn’t find the full photo. In the full photo you would be able to see Kristy and Earl very clearly but in this photo you won’t be able to.

Nevertheless, it seems as though with the Hania Aguilar case, more of what we saw in the Mariah Woods case is surfacing. The difference in this case, according to sources, are that officials are waiting to find McLellan’s DNA on Hania before they officially charge him with her kidnapping and murder.

McLellan has a past riddled with violence, robbing women and wearing similar clothes as the suspect did when they kidnapped Hania. His crimes have all been in the early morning hours, and the victims have all been outside of their homes at the time of the crimes, at least for the reports we’ve seen through various media outlets. Police say McLellan was arrested on November 13 for kidnapping another woman and is currently in the Robeson County Jail under a $2,500,000.00 bond.

Reports surfaced online that McLellan’s friends turned him in, which led to his November 13 arrest which linked him to an incident that occured on Oct 15. Sources say after he was arrested, at some point, he was questioned about Hania and that’s when the police were led to the area where he lived with his father on Wire Grass Road in Lumberton on Tuesday evening.

In the audio recording is a conversation between myself and a Robeson County Detention Officer who says she is not allowed to release any information regarding McLellan but yet released information about another suspect. So, my question is, if he is not a “suspect” or a “person of interest” why isn’t he allowed to be treated like any other person who is arrested and why is it ONLY information about him that is not able to be released?

Listen To The Recording BELOW:


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