63-year-old pastor being accused of “grooming” 18-year-old before marrying her

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Word On The Curb… a 63-year-old Iowa pastor wants the world to believe that he ain’t been having his eyes on his then 18-year-old wife before she turned 18 and we the people say “a judge and a jury ain’t gone believe that.” 

A new call for an investigation into Bishop Reed’s behavior is underway.

Bishop Dwight Reed, the pastor of Christ Apostolic Temple in Des Moines, Iowa, who is old enough to be the young girl’s grandpa, is alleged to have been talking to the girl since she was 14-years-old. The girl, who is now Bishop Reed’s first lady, is named Jordan Goodlett-Reed


Bishop Reed married the longtime church member and former student of his school, JW Reed Academy, on November 15, 2021

People are now calling for Bishop Reed to be criminally investigated, citing that it’s not possible that the Bishop all of a sudden married this girl without previously conversing with her while underage. However, Bishop Reed has denied that he had been messing with Jordan while she was underage, but never explains why he married her at 18 without really knowing who she was. (This Is What Really Makes Some Of The Allegations Believable)

Now, it is said that Bishop Reed had been counseling Jordan’s parents at some point while she was young, so maybe during that time was when he made his move to get to know her. Who knows? Only him, her, God, and his penis..OOP!

In Iowa, the legal consent is 16-years-old but former church members of Bishop Reed say he uses power and money to swindle young girls just as he did Jordan.

Of course, as a fool would and a fool does, Bishop Reed and Jordan said their marriage was “God’s Plan”, and I’m confused, because why would God hook up a perverted negro like Bishop Reed with anybody? I think it’s really time that people stop lying on the LORDT! 

At one point, it is said that Jordan thought about calling the wedding with Bishop Reed off because of the pressure she was facing. Of course she did not, because remember, it was “God’s plan.” Anyone who can convince you to believe or do something that you know is wrong is a witch. 

Just as R. Kelly was standing in the dark controlling Azriel Clary in the March 2019 interview with Gayle King, it seems to me that a statement put out by Jordan in 2022, could have been Bishop Reed himself. After R. Kelly was found guilty of racketeering and Mann Act violations, Clary came back and said that on the day of that interview, she gave R. Kelly control over her. (Manipulation Starts The Moment You Give Someone Control Over You)

I was lost. And I felt invisible, Clary said And I gave someone that control over me, to basically make me do whatever it was that they wanted me to do and act however they wanted me to act.

So, we are not naïve to not believe that this is the same thing that is happening to Jordan

In the social media post, Jordan said she married Bishop Reed in free will and that “I’m moving forward and having faith in God every step of the way.” She then welcomed anyone to unfriend her off social media if they didn’t like the fact that she was now married to somebody’s grandaddy. Chileee.


Jazmn Napier, a former member of Bishop Reed’s church, took public to call him “a predator masking himself as a man of God.” 

Napier said Bishop Reed groomed Jordan for marriage while she was a teenager. Napier also alleged to local reporters in Des Moines that Bishop Reed had told his church that he was taking Jordan under his wing for special attention as she was struggling with dealing with her parents’ divorce. He is said to have also gifted her with a nice car… sounds like he was buying the pussy early on. 

Bishop Reed has been fighting back by filing a $1.5 million lawsuit against a Texas pastor, but it doesn’t seem like he will get anywhere because most of the allegations he is alleging to be false, the courts will probably ask the same questions we have. It definitely seems like Bishop Reed is trying to do everything he can to stop a criminal investigation into his behavior.


Bishop Demetrius Sinegal, pastor of Kingdom Churches in Covenant and the pastor of The Kingdom Church of Houston, Texas, started an online Change.org petition to ask the Des Moines District Attorney’s Office to investigate Bishop Reed

The petition was started under Safehouse Unmuzzled, in which Bishop Demetrius Sinegal is the founder. 

The Quality Law Firm, who is representing the Reed’s, alleged that Sinegal made “ false malicious and defamatory statements” about the couple and about Dwight Reed’s previous behavior with women.

The Quality Law Firm Letter To Bishop Senegal. 1 OF 2

The Quality Law Firm Letter To Bishop Senegal. 2 OF 2

In the Change.org petition comments, a woman named Chantrelle Hodges, who identified herself as once being Bishop Reed’s step-daughter, said that he and her mother divorced because of him having inappropriate behavior with “a young church member.” 


It has been reported that Bishop Reed has been married and divorced three times, with Jordan being his fourth wife. But many believe Jordan was seasonally groomed by Bishop Reed.

I honestly don’t believe that Bishop Reed married this young whoraaa at first sight. And with his track record of having terrible marriages, hopefully Jordan will come out of that coma she is in and see that her husband is nothing more than a piece of dick for girls 18 and probably under.

No response has yet been received from the Des Moines District Attorney Office regarding a criminal investigation.

Do y’all think he groomed this child before he married her right after she turned 18?

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You Can't Afford To Miss A Story On The NCBEAT!

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