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5th-grader who died in South Carolina Wednesday attack listed as simple assault

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The North Carolina Beat has learned more information about the attack on a fifth-grade student in Walterboro, South Carolina.

We reported Wednesday about the bullies attacking Ra’Niya Wright, a student at Forest Hills Elementary School. (Click HERE if you missed that)

According to officials, a 911 call came in from the staff at Forest Hills about the girl collapsing Monday. Staff told operators that Wright was unconscious but breathing and that she was located in the nurse’s office.

The report and statements from deputies and school officials have listed the attack as simple assault.

How in dahail is this simple assault? This is MURDER! If it was damn simple assault, the girl would still be alive and would have never been in the hospital, to begin with.

Parents who children attended the school reached out to The North Carolina Beat Wednesday and said on Monday a substitute teacher assigned to Wright’s class had left the room for about 20 minutes. The female bully allegedly slammed Wright’s head into a desk knocking her unconscious and then proceeded to slam her head into the cement wall.

Officials have not reported the cause of Wright’s death but an autopsy is scheduled for Friday.

The student who attacked Wright did not use a weapon and is also in the fifth grade, according to the incident report, which blacked out the student’s age, sex, and name.

The student was suspended, according to the Colleton County School District said in a statement.

Wright died Wednesday morning at a Charleston hospital, according to her mom Ashley Wright.

School officials say they are cooperating with deputies in a criminal investigation. No charges have been filed at this time.


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