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Durham police say man is not involved in Raleigh 17-year-old Shania Teasley case

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The North Carolina Beat has learned that 23-year-old Josiah Shoffner, of Durham, NC was not involved in the April 3rd disappearance of 17-year-old Shaniah Matia Teasley.

17-year-old Shaniah Teasley

The Durham Police Department confirmed to The North Carolina Beat today, April 8, that Mr. Shoffner has not been charged, nor is he a suspect or person of interest, in the alleged kidnapping despite being named by Teasley, who claimed that he was the man she was with when she disappeared from her home, the first time, on April 3.

Kammie Michael, Durham Police Public Information Officer sent me the email below:

Hello Mr. Jackson, Kimberle Walker sent me your request. Mr. Shoffner is not charged n connection with the case you mentioned

As previously reported, Teasley was reported missing by her mother, Niesha Teasley, and safely returned home on the same day, only to again go missing again that same night. She was gone from April 3 until April 7th the second time she went missing.

The North Carolina Beat spoke with Niesha regarding her daughter’s disappearance on April 7 and during the call, which was recorded and will be available to listen below, Shaniahs aunt received a phone call from Shaniah who claimed that she called to let them know that she was safe.

The call from the teen was placed on speaker so that Niesha could speak with her daughter as well and they were told by Shaniah that she was not returning home nor would she give them any information as to her whereabouts or whom she was with.


Later that evening, on April 7, a citizen called in a tip to the Durham Police Department informing them that she had seen Shaniah outside the Hometown Studios Raleigh-Durham Hotel. Officers responded to the scene, made contact with Shaniah and immediately informed her mother that she had been located.

Prior to Shaniah’s safe return, Niesha, as well as an unarmed member of the family, both received text messages, from someone claiming to be the person who was holding Shaniah. They demanded $7000 for the girl’s release and stated that if this demand was not met, she would die.

The ransom demand texts continued to be sent to Niesha even after Shaniah was back in her mother’s custody.

Hear my response below:

At this time, there are no suspects or persons of interest in this case but the investigation is ongoing. If you have any information regarding Shaniah’s kidnaping, please call the Durham Police Department or Crimestoppers.

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